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With every interaction, I am profoundly aware of Pamela’s unique gifts! She helps me expand my view of any challenge I am facing and reminds me that the bigger picture is always about a more abundant life, loving God, myself, and others more. Personal and business relationships in crisis, have been beautifully handled as we work together.

She continually brings me back into alignment with what God knows about me and the situation. Pamela also reminds me that the problem is here for my learning and my soul’s advancement and that always re-centers me. This puts feelings of fear and separation into the back seat and gives me confidence and freedom to move forward with Love!”


Coaching with Pamela: How it Works


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I have worked with Pamela during times of great uncertainty and fear in my life. When it feels like a tidal wave is about to crash over me, Pam coaches me back into alignment with divine Love (God) by guiding my thinking to look at my fears through the lens of Spirit. She gently leads me into the peaceful waters of Love, where all answers lie-which I know within my own heart.

Pamela’s coaching is powerful and soothing at the same time. After working with her I feel strong and aligned, thus moving me forward.”