My Story

My Journey:

Severe life challenges brought me a deep understanding and connection to divine Love (God), which inspired me to launch my coaching practice, Divine Love Alignment, in 2007. My understanding of Love’s ever-presence now empowers me to help others face down and overcome debilitating challenges to experience healing and regeneration.

I earned a master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology with an emphasis in Consciousness, Health and Healing from the University of Santa Monica but, more importantly, I am a student of the inspired word of the Bible in relation to every day human experience. My clients often hear me say, “how we do what we do” is paramount to healing.

When I was diagnosed with cancer, pure gratitude God lifted me out of the pit of despair.

“If I have ten more minutes to live, let me glorify God in everything I do” became the focus of my heart.

With the awareness of the power of prayer to bring one into alignment with divine Love, I now commit my time to coaching and counseling others.

I live in Laguna Beach, California, with my husband, Todd. Beach walks, meditation, reading and family is what brings me joy.

I invite you to read, Healed, a Divinely Inspired path to Overcoming Cancer.

Get ready to step into the abyss of uncertainty, into the health-giving waters of Spirit. Divine Love is there to catch you. May you be blessed by reading my book.

God loves you.
You are His/Her child.
You have purpose.

Pamela is a beautiful conduit for God’s grace. Working with her has been no less than life-changing.”