Fed and Nourished by Love

Looking for a lasting solution to weight management?

Have you tried every diet only to become discouraged and quit after a couple of days? Have you spent years tamping down your emotions with food? Have you looked to food to feel loved and comforted, yet know that it will never fill your inner void? Don’t fear; there is a loving, permanent solution available to you. It is possible to discover a healthy lifestyle that allows you to honor your emotions without abusing food.

In this deeply personal self-help memoir, divine Love Alignment mentor and coach, Pamela Herzer, M.A., shares personal stories of women who have experienced permanent weight loss and now have a deep and lasting peace surrounding their food issues.

Author Pamela Herzer spent years struggling with and overcoming emotional abuse, family violence, and cancer. Through removing her own limiting beliefs and learning the power of divine Love, she discovered the importance of a relationship with God, and can now help you do the same.

In Fed and Nourished by Love, you will:

  • Learn how to truly love yourself the way God loves you
  • Learn what spiritual nourishment means
  • Learn that self-forgiveness is key to build a new relationship with yourself
  • Turn from the need for sweet junk foods to the sweetness of Spirit
  • Look to Love to fill you up when you’re sad, lonely, depressed, or anxious
  • Use loving, self-honoring discipline regarding food choices
  • Reframe your struggle with food as an opportunity to glorify God

This is not another diet book. Fed and Nourished by Love is a lasting and loving solution. You are worth it!

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