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Do you struggle to find answers to your cancer diagnosis and overwhelming fear?

You are tired and fearful because you haven’t found a cure for your cancer. You say you have exhausted the help of traditional doctors and nontraditional healing methods, yet you still get more sick and tired. It may seem as if there is no promise that you can be healed, but there is. Fortunately, cancer can be a springboard for more expansive living.

Divine Love Alignment expert Pamela Herzer, M.A., fought the same battle. Through her healing of cancer, she now offers her profound experience of healing when all other means and methods failed, and shares with you her message of hope and healing.

In Healed: A Divinely Inspired Path to Overcoming Cancer, you will learn how to:

  • Trust your intuition – or, “inner-knowing” – so you can correctly care for your body.
  • Master fear.
  • Relate to yourself in the most tender and loving way while you work through cancer treatment.
  • Work through feelings of depression and hopelessness.
  • Feel strong and confident while navigating cancer

Cancer doesn’t have to be a life sentence. Make the choice to rise in the strength of divine Love
to overcome your cancer today.

“If I have ten more minutes to live, I will give thanks and glorify God.”

This is a book that encourages a new perspective, renewed faith, and offers more nuance about a method for dealing with fear – one that uses personal power and spirituality to heal from the inside out. It challenged me to think about how I relate to a medical diagnosis and alleviated many fears. I would recommend this book to anyone who is seeking to reframe scary health situations (of any variety, not just cancer) and reclaim a more permanent sense of self. HEALED is a beautiful, introspective journey that will serve many people who are seeking something more. If hope is what you want, HEALED is what you need.”


Conventional books on cancer and healing typically fall into two categories: medical and alternative medicine. This book stands out as unique because of the spiritual and mental components involved. This book brings levity and grace back to the conversation around cancer. This is not for people looking for hardcore medical or alternative herbal/lifestyle methods. Many “alternative therapies” prescribe a series or checklist of do’s and don’ts that make you feel guilty for not following a certain protocol perfectly. This is not that kind of book. There is no judgment or crazy health plan, just a shift in mindset.”


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